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5 Health problems may cause you to bite your nails or caused by nail bite

It’s a bad habit but it’s very common. But is the bite of nails or Onychophagia as you know in psychology harmful to health? Here are seven health problems that may cause you to bite your nails on a daily basis and all of these conditions maybe caused  by nail bite.

Nail Bite May Cause Health Problems

nail bite karena
nail bite karena

Inflammation of the skin

Nail bites expose your skin to bacterial infections under the nails such as paronychia, which causes redness, swelling and pus. This situation requires antibiotic treatment.

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If inflammation develops and is not treated quickly, it may lead to a condition called septic arthritis, which may require surgery.

Nail deformation

Chronic gnawing leads to deformation of the nails, resulting in deep cracks that look like trenches or even not grow permanently.
Transmission of diseases between fingers and mouth
It is very easy to transfer bacteria and viruses between fingers and mouth through nibbling nails. It is possible even to transfer the fungal incontinence from the fingers to the lips.

Dental Problems

The nibbling movement may cause the front teeth to crack and break, resulting in tooth decay and dark pigmentation.

How do you stop this annoying habit?

Go to the salon to clean and clean your nails regularly. Maintaining its elegant shape may encourage you to refrain from nibbling.
Try using paint that has a foul taste that prevents you from placing your fingers in your mouth.
Wash your hands with sponge balls or rubber bands while chewing gum at the same time.

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