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6 Secrets to Losing Weight Easy and Fast

Before we revel 6 secrets to losing weight easy and fast we start from our current body and weight.


Six Steps for Healthy and Slim Body

Getting Real About You and Your Weight.

very important that I establish a clear definition in your mind of what this really means. Essentially, it means a weight that is healthy and realistic for your age and for your physical and genetic makeup, a weight at which you are happy and truly at peace with your size, and a weight that is stable because you have taken control of every factor in your life that keeps it there. Incidentally, that weight may not be at all what you now think you should weigh. For example, if you are a woman who is postmenopausal and you have had three children, and what you want is to be super-skinny like you were at age twenty-three, the reality is that you need to aim for something else. Your get-real weight is a state of health and well-being that is congruent and in harmony with how you are physically and genetically configured. It is the weight that is “right” for you—a stable, comfortable weight. It is the weight at which you look good, feel good, and lovingly ac­cept yourself from the inside out.

The Six Secrets to Losing Weight

What you are about to do to achieve your get-real weight will be unlike any diet or makeover program you have ever undertaken. I am going to give you six critical pieces—I call them “Secrets”—to re-aligning and changing your life, internally and externally, in a way that will create, achieve, and maintain lasting weight loss.

Think about these Secrets in the following way: you are standing at the end of a long, up-sloped hallway with a series of six locked doors, one after the other, all blocking your way to the other end. Each of the six doors is a gateway, a through-way to specific, vital aspects of weight control. Up until now though, some of these doors have been locked to you. They’ve blocked your passage; they’ve been barriers to your success because you either have tried a dozen Secrets, all of them wrong, or you’ve failed to use every one of the right Secrets.

Only the right Secrets will do the trick. These are the Secrets I will give you in order to open each one of these doors—and to take the steps required to move down this hallway. When unlocked with the right Secrets, each of these six doors will lead you closer to personal and permanent control over your weight. Obviously, your job is to unlock each door, step through it with a commitment to change, and keep moving forward until you’ve walked through all six. Each step is an upward climb, and if you fail to unlock any door and step through it, you’ll start rolling right back to where you started. Even if you go through two, or four, or six of the six, you will be sucked right back to where you started, or worse. But if you make your way through all six doors, at the end of your journey is everything you’ve ever wanted for yourself but have not been able to attain or maintain until now.

This Post is about identifying those six doors and giving your­self the six Secrets to unlock them. Every person who reads this post should start from the same place. Some of the information may look familiar to you, but most of it won’t. You may already have some of the Secrets and if so, great, we will focus on how to maximize what you have, building on and incorporating the foundation you have already laid. But many of you hold none of the Secrets. You haven’t even opened the first door to permanent weight loss, and that is perfectly okay. This post is designed to meet you where you are. Even if you think you are familiar with a certain Secret, study it for reinforcement and encouragement, putting into action any additional steps that will build success and create value for you. Yes, you may have to spend more time on some Secrets than on others, but only by fully mas­tering all six Secrets will you be able to do this right, this time, begin­ning now.

Yes, I realize that you’d love to go right to the part of this post in which I tell you what to eat or how to exercise. But it is this same sense of urgency and need for immediate gratification that has gotten you into trouble so many times before. Without going through the Secrets in sequence, you are likely to blow your chances of mastering them all. Be patient enough to do the work as outlined and you will prepare yourself for success. Resist the urge to jump ahead. You will get there soon enough, and when you do, you will get superior results.

Please keep this in mind too: the difference between those who can’t keep their weight off and those who can is found in these six Secrets. The 20 percent who fail to lose their weight long-term do not have or use all six Secrets; the 80 percent who succeed, do. As one of my life laws states, “you either get it or you don’t.” The 80 percent get it. You are about to become one of those who gets it. We are going to land this plane!

Now for an overview of the 6 Secrets to Losing Weight.

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It is no big news flash that many people—you included—eat as a way to medicate themselves, usually in response to negative emotions such as anger, guilt, loneliness, stress, or boredom. You may also eat in response to positive emotions, such as happiness and joy, and in doing so you use food as a form of celebration. You have developed a strong emotional attachment to food, and this is one powerful reason why you turn to food when you crave love and emotional support. Emotional eating has figured hugely in your weight problem.

With the second Secret—healing feelings—you will unlock the door to Emotional Control and learn how to break the cycle of over­eating in response to emotions and stress. You can’t eliminate emo­tional triggers and stress—they’re facts of life—but you can learn how to heal counterproductive responses to life’s challenges and gain a new sense of control over your eating.

Glossing over this Secret, or denying that you have emotional issues with food, is a deal breaker. Your weight will never be lower or healthier unless and until you stop emotional overeating. This Secret helps you identify why you pursue emotional eating, and gives you a process, broken down in manageable steps, to unlock a newfound control over your eating behavior.


The third Secret unlocks the door to External Control, the ability to
shape, design, and manage your environment so that it is virtually
impossible for you to fail at weight control. With this Secret, you will concentrate on the personal landscape of your life that includes everything from your home to your office. You will focus on areas within this environment that must be “cleaned up” in order for you to lose weight.

This Secret is all about burning external bridges: minimizing oppor­tunities that invite needless snacking, overeating, and bingeing; get­ting rid of the clothes of your plus-size life; and re-engineering your environment for success. With this Secret, you will do away with all re­minders that could lessen your resolve and could, if you let them, fool you into thinking that it’s much easier to go back to your former life. If you expect to succeed over the long haul, there is no regression or retreat to what you have always done before, or to what you have al­ways been.

This Secret is amazing in that it will create immediate changes in how you act, think, live, and feel. With this Secret, you will make your life look different, feel different, and be different. When you begin to do different things, trust me, your actions will gain positive momen­tum. And through it all, you’ll begin to feel better, more energized, and more focused mentally.


If you are stubbornly overeating, bingeing, or otherwise continuing in some repeated pattern of self-destructive habits and behaviors, dis­covering why you do this is not only worthwhile, it is essential to achieving permanent weight loss and control. With Secret #4—mastery over food and impulse eating—you will unlock the door to Habit Control. Here, you will learn how to control and reshape your behav­ior, first by identifying why you persist in these bad habits, and sec­ond, by replacing them with actions designed to weaken their hold over you.

At some conscious, rational level, you know that it is counter­productive and extremely unhealthy to overeat, to binge, or to med­icate yourself with food. But at some other level, these behaviors are rewarding you enough for you to keep doing them. Put another way, you are getting “payoffs” from your behavior. It is a law of life that ((people do what works,” and so your behaviors must work for you in  some way. You are feeding some sort of need, or perhaps an aggregate of needs. As long as those needs are there, you will keep feeding them. While you continue to live like this, you reinforce habits and behaviors that become more difficult to weaken over time. Using this Secret, you will find and control the payoffs, unplug from those payoffs, and leave behind self-destructive behaviors.

We will also look at the specific ways you hurt your weight control efforts—the ways you interact with food that are in direct op­position to healthy behavior. You’ll learn how to wipe bad, weight-gaining habits from your life and replace them with successful behaviors that will produce far more positive results. ‘What’s more, you’ll find out how to manage your eating so that you are no longer controlled by impulses and urges. If—and only if—you can master this Secret, your personal control over your eating behavior will dramat­ically increase.


You are intelligent enough to know that if you take in more food than you burn off, you will gain unhealthy and unsightly amounts of weight. Yet you continue to choose the wrong foods in too-large amounts, putting taste and convenience ahead of nutrition and, as a result, no one has to shake the sheets to find you. The fifth Secret­high-response, high-yield nutrition—unlocks the door to Food Con­trol: an approach to nutritional balance that is nothing short of revolutionary, and amazingly powerful in its simplicity.

There is no counting calories or grams, no measuring, no memo­rizing exhaustive food lists or exchanges. You will learn about food in a completely different context—in a way that no one, and no diet post, has ever discussed or previously put into widespread practice. This approach to nutrition is absolutely the most effective solution to managing food in your life. As you will find out, there are only two things you need to know about food—just two! With this Secret, you’ll program your body to lose pounds and inches at a pace that is right for you. This is a Secret you can keep for a lifetime so that you can fi­nally end your energy-draining battles with dieting and start living with a control over food you have not had in ages.


Exercise is now counted as one of the top lifestyle factors to help you lose weight and keep it off for good. But the problem is, most people are so exercise-averse that they will never be in danger of drowning in their own sweat. If this description fits you, rest assured that I will not be asking you to spend endless hours in a gym, train to become an Olympic athlete, or grind yourself to the ground with boot camp-type calisthenics. Quite the contrary. With the sixth Secret, you will un­lock the door to Body Control, the power to keep pounds at bay with a maximum-results workout strategy that you can start slowly and continue at your own pace.

One of the worst things I see with people trying to lose weight is that they become obsessive about exercise, so much so that this concern rises to a level of disordered, self-defeating behavior that can inflict a great deal of physical and psychological damage. Instead, you will be introduced to a balanced approach of simple strength-building and heart-conditioning exercises that provide a concen­trated caloric burn. Yes, you will push yourself a little harder but you will feel amazed by what your body can do, and you’ll feel so revital­ized for doing it.

Using specific motivational tools, you will discover how to make exercise a focus of your energies—a permanent fixture in your life. This is a real chance for you to get control of your body, no matter how long it has been since you last exercised.


Finally, using the sixth Secret, you will unlock the door to Social Con­trol, with which you assemble a support circle of people who will en­courage you and provide the accountability you need to achieve your goals. There is motivating energy in active, supportive ties to family and friends. If you want to truly lose weight, then you must try your best to surround yourself with a group of like-minded people who want you to do it, too. With these people in your life—your supporters—the more likely you are to succeed.

WARNING: because I know what you are probably thinking, I real­ize that some of these Secrets will not have “face validity” to you right now; they will not seem important to you on the surface. Some of the six may seem “soft” or okay to gloss over. Do not make that mis­take! Remember, the difference between those who keep it off, and those who don’t, is that they use all six Secrets. So if you are “really” sick to death of being overweight, if you have been fighting it for years, if you are tired of buying and wearing, pulling and tugging at a bunch of ugly “fat clothes,” if you are fed up with failing, I mean re­ally fed up, you can decide to change all of that right now—by using these Secrets to gain control of your weight, finally and permanently.

Why The Six Secrets to Losing Weight Work When Other Programs HAVE Failed

There is no question that these Secrets provide an action-oriented plan to follow, one with verbs in the sentences. With each Secret, you will begin by focusing on defining and diagnosing where your behavior is now, with self-evaluations and assignments, because you will never be able to change what you do not acknowledge. Working interactively, you will get at what is mentally, emotionally, behaviorally, and so­cially not working in your life. Only when you figure out what your biggest obstacles are to weight control, can you match workable, liv­able solutions to them. All of this calls on you to play an active role. Once you have completed this important self-diagnosis, you will be given precise instructions—”steps through the door”—on what you need to do and how you need to do it, specific things you can do right away to begin generating results. And generate results now you will. This is not a plan in which two or three years from today you are at your goal weight and treading water to stay there. As soon as you start using the six Secrets and following through on their action-filled steps, you will get right-now results; and you will be automatically set­ting up your world for long-term weight stability and maintenance.

You can free yourself forever from the bondage of your weight struggles, as long as you acquire the tools and stay accountable and action-oriented in making the important changes required. No one ever said that losing weight would be easy. Sticking with it can be challenging, but I have incredible news for you: the six Secrets to permanent weight loss are designed to keep you going, even when you don’t feel like doing so—and that’s why they work when other programs have failed. They have as their foundation two essential motivational premises that afford you great power in losing weight and keeping it off for good. Here they are:

For Success in Secrets to Losing Weight


By now, you may have the impression that I will ask you to muster up “willpower” to master change. Wrong! Admit it: every time you ever started a new diet, you tried to white-knuckle it with willpower, didn’t you? And the more you white-knuckled it, the more intensely you desired what you were resisting! You might be able to white-knuckle it for a while but you can’t do it forever, because eventually you will cave in. This is a natural human impulse, and that’s okay.

Let’s get something straight: you have been lied to by the diet in­dustry that you require willpower in order to successfully control your weight. You bought into that lie, and it has beaten you down, and crushed the very core of your being. You believed that you failed be­cause you lacked sufficient willpower, and that somewhere inside you, you were weak and inadequate.

Okay, now comes something so liberating of Secrets to Losing Weight that you will wish that you had known it all along: you no longer need to rely on willpower. It simply doesn’t work. Willpower is an outright myth, and your will­ingness to be deluded by this myth has sabotaged your weight-control efforts for far too long. Willpower is unreliable emotional fuel that drives you when you are excited, motivated, or energized. Willpower is what temporarily pumps you up when you want to lose weight in two weeks so you’ll look good for a class reunion, or when you join a gym because you made a New Year’s resolution to start exercising. At first, you feel like you’re cooking on the front burner, as we say in Texas. But you know as well as I do, that no one stays fired up contin­uously, in fact, the burners are turned to the “off” position most of the time. Using willpower to achieve and sustain weight loss, or any last­ing change for that matter, is destined for doom. The six Secrets to permanent weight loss do not depend on willpower for success.

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