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8 beauty tips you may have not known before!

Access to information has become very easy and fast in the world of the Internet we live in today, including information about beauty tips, make-up and poetry. But many of them are repeated, especially if you are looking and reading about them every day, right?

beauty tips
Kareena Kapoor

Here are 8 amazing beauty tips that we have compiled for you to use. These include hair, skin, make-up, and more. You can apply it at home without expensive products or cosmetics.

Hair Fragrances

Hair secrets of bollywood actresses
Hair secrets of bollywood actresses

1 – If you want to have hair that smells great but you do not know where to buy hair fragrances, try this simple method. Sprinkle a small amount of your favorite perfume on your hair brush and then stroke your hair from the roots to the sides, and you will get the hair follicles of your favorite scent.

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Dray Skin

2 – moisturize your skin with children’s oil this winter: winter is known to lead to dry skin, so if you suffer from the more dry skin of your body this winter, add a drop of Baby Oil, Baby Oil is the normal body lotion that you use daily, and will increase the moisturizing Your skin and take care of it.

Dray Skin

Darkness and Dryness

3 – get rid of the darkness and dryness of your mouth with the fruit of the “grapefruit”: If you suffer from the darkness and dryness of the mouth. Take two cups first shower and peel them using the usual body peeler that you use. Then take the fruit of the Indian lemon (grapefruit) and cut it into halves and put each on the elbows for 15 minutes, the acidity of the fruit will lead to the softness of dry skin and rough and thus disappear blackness.

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Skin Clean

4. Use powder in the areas of friction: In any area suffer from skin friction such as area between the thighs, put the powder of children to keep the area dry and clean.

8 beauty tips
8 beauty tips you may have not known before!

Shower in Cold Water

5. Avoid taking a shower in hot water for a long time. Yes, this may be the most painful advice for you (and us too) but try as long as possible to have your shower period short in hot water or replace it with cold water, because it removes the skin from moisturizing and natural oils Which is very important in protecting it.

Test The Extent of Moisture

6 – Test the extent of moisture / dryness of your skin: Move your nails gently on the skin, if found to have left a white impact, this is evidence of dry skin and need to moisturizing the skin, using moisturizing creams, choose a moisturizing cream containing shea butter has characteristics High moisturizing and very effective.

Foundation Cream On Your Skin

7. If you put too much of the foundation cream on your face, simply put a paper napkin on your face and press the places where you want to soften the cream.

Make Your Lipstick

8- Make your lipstick: Cut several colors of lipstick and put it in the microwave oven. Put the mixture in a small box and use it as a lip balm. Would you try one of these tips in your home?

beauty tips you may have not known before

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