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Best Autumn Beauty Tips for Skin


Best Autumn Beauty Tips for Skin. The temperature is changing and the air is getting drier it’s time to adjust your beauty regimen It’s not just your wardrobe that needs to be updated at the beginning of a new season; each change of season also signals a shift in your beauty, hair and skincare routine.
As summer fades, follow these easy steps to ensure that your beauty doesn’t:

Prepare your skin

Prepare your skin for the colder months by getting into a regular moisturising routine. Now’s the time to switch to a richer, creamier moisturiser.

Moisturize and Hydrate

Slather on a rich moisturizer right after showering. Depending on your skin type, you may want to invest in a richer facial moisturizer. Another thing to watch out for is dehydration. It is easy to remember to drink water during the warm weather months, but you can get just as dehydrated during the winter months. Staying hydrated helps your skin look its best.

Don’t forget to use sunscreen

Your face is still exposed to harmful UV rays, even when it isn’t sunny, so keep using your moisturizer with sunscreen.

Avoid Harsh Ingredients

Be careful not to strip your skin of its own natural oils, which is easier to do during the fall and winter months. This will not only cause dryness and flaking, it may cause breakouts, too!

Delicate Skin under your Eyes

Cooler weather can dry our skins, especially the tender, delicate skin under your eyes. Make sure you use a moisturiser specifically for eyes.

Hands & Nails

Your hands are constantly exposed and can suffer from dryness in the colder seasons. Keep them soft and hydrated by regularly applying hand cream.

The colder air can also make your nails more brittle, so be sure to file them at least once a week to avoid breakage.

Clean Out Your Makeup And Skincare Supplies

Each season, you should go through your Beauty Tips for Skin products and toss any old or expired products. Wash makeup brushes with warm soapy water and replace your old makeup with some of falls hottest new colors.

Change Your Foundation Shade

As your skin adjusts to the weather, so should your foundation. When the temperature begins to drop and the days grow shorter, Global Makeup Educator Edgar Dominguez says to keep two things in mind: your skin’s shade and texture.change up your priming and foundation routine. Poreless, matte, soft and clean looking skin is so beautiful in the fall. Moisturizer is crucial as the weather gets cooler. I also tend to go with a lighter coverage foundation in the fall because there’s less sun damage and freckling visible once we get into the swing of fall and winter. Keep your glow strong – but look into golds and champagnes. I also love deep reds for both lips and eyes. Make Up For Ever has some of the loveliest, creamiest burgundy red shadows I’ve ever seen. Always moisturize your lips before you put on a liquid lip (GORGEOUS for fall!) and make sure you take care of your skin while you sleep! Look into sleep masks and overnight moisturizers – and put extra focus on your lips and under your eyes. Fall looks can be neutral or bold but take cues from the Beauty Tips for Skin of the season…every single person looks AMAZING in the colors of Autumn!

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