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How to apply nail polish in an easy way

How To Easily Improve Beauty of Your Hands. The proper hand and Nail Care are things that shows your personality and appearance, especially when you attend any occasion or to increase your personality as your nails the focus of many eyes.

Now women who are bored to get only one color shading projects should try out these modern and modish nail polish styles.

Finding the perfect Nail polish style to complete your look at any given point, this street is going to add that glam to your personality.

You can check the latest nail art lessons to find the best way to use nail polish. Nail art designs have changed a lot in the past few years and now girls apply such designs that are so charming and latest.

The latest trend is to collect all the styles from the collection of Nail Artists who have created their name in the fashion industry and the wide web around the world. To apply nail art to your fingers, you should think of some aspects as to whether this style is going to be tailored to you or not. What is your nail type? What approach are you going to apply? And others.

Important Point

To keep your hands and nails soft and smooth, keep their manicure in a low length, it takes lightweight water in a tub, take hands in the water flow, To soften, you will dump the hand for 10-15 minutes.

Trim your nail tips from the desired length of square and round corner, file the nails.

Now set your nails on the coat, the base coat prevent the nail polish from the spreading butts A good rule of thumb is that the darker the color, the more important it is to use a base coat.

Then, the nail polish bottle you want to apply, mix the nail polish move the bottle slowly do not shake to avoid bubbles.

Open the nail polish bottle and remove the paint by pressing it against the edge of the bottle, apply the nail paint stroke to the center of your nail, then stroke the nail on the bed starting from bed.

If needed, apply the nail color coat, the shade is needed.

Finally, apply the top coat for your nail color for a long time to protect.

Lastly, for a clear look, remove the paint more than the sides using the cutting pad dip to remove the nail polish.

Pretty nail polish designs that you know how to apply the easiest way, will definitely give a charming look to your hands. Before applying any nail design on your nails, do not forget to apply the tips described above. Give us a comment and what you need to know about these styles.

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