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Natural Hair And Face Masks with Yogurt

Katrena Kaif skin and Hair care

The yogurt is one of the best foods that has been a part of our home since centuries, And the credit goes to the content and enzymes of its high protein that enhances our health and energy. It is mainly the yeasted milk with the increase of basic bacterium and its natural identification changes. It packed with protein and vitamins B2, D12, B5 and D. You can easily add it or fry, fruit yogurt, raita, lassi, buttermilk, or eat it. It gives a solid effect on the system and improves the stomach. But not only your health, There are also many beauty benefits of yogurt.

The credit goes into the material of lactic acid, zinc and vitamins, which makes it a powerful tool to treat skin and hair problems. Many researchers and scientists have studied various food items that are good for both face-ageing and health. yogurt is a remarkable food that is attributed to such a difference. There is a wide range of health beauty benefits provided by yogurt, Its ability to improve and change skin and hair has inspired many beauty experts.

If you included yogurt for skin, that can make magic and that’s why I tell you to learn the use of yogurt for your skin as early as possible. The yogurt can be used for your skin together with other beauty ingredients.

Yogurt For Skin Care

Honey And Yogurt Mask

If you have sun burnt skin, the honey and yogurt mask can come to rescue. Mix honey and yogurt apply a layer on your face and neck or on your arms. After 5-7 minutes, massage it well and wash with water. Not only honey and yogurt are both natural moisturizers but also will help sun burn.

Coffee And Coco Mask For Blemishes

Take 2 t-spoon yogurt, 1 spoon coffee, 1 teaspon cocoa powder and 1 tsp honey. Mix all the ingredients well and apply to the skin. It’s great for drying mask, dry and dry skin. Anti-ageing properties in cocoa, honey and yogurt will refresh your skin and make it clean and free of charge. Coffee is a skin’s skin, and will help to eliminate dead skin cells, reduce inflammation and help improve blood circulation.

Yogurt And Mint Scrub

there is definitely a shot winner when oil comes to deal with the skin, especially during monsoon. There is a great cleaning agent of yogurt oil and your skin feels clean. Combine the following, Take 3 tsp green lentil powder, 2 tsp rice powder, 2 tsp fresh mint paste, 2 tsp fullers earth, 2 tsp yogurt and half a tsp of camphor powder.

Mix all the ingredients well and add a few drops of rose water to in the mixture. Now, slowly clean the with this and wash it with dry water. Wait for three weeks for the results.

Yogurt For Hair Care

Whether you have this wonderful natural milk product to improve your hair quality or treat it for a particular problem, this is one of the best ingredients to use for hair care.

For Dandruff

This hair mask is easy to cure the wall, easy and extremely efficient. A skull disorder that can have serious side effects such as hair gray. Take 4 tbsp yogurt, juice of one lemon, 3 tsp dried fenugreek powder and a pinch of camphor. You can choose to oil your hair or apply this mask from the scalp to the ends of the hair. Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave for at least 45 minutes before you shampoo it off with a mild herbal shampoo. This should ideally be done once a week.

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