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Signs of beauty in the female

Signs of beauty in the female
Signs of beauty in the female

Signs of beauty in the female

Signs of beauty Beauty of the female The beauty of the female is a blessing enjoyed by, it is said that beauty is inside in the watching eyes but despite the disparity between tastes and shapes, the apparent beauty attract love of many people, and many of the description and zigzag by the beautiful female is often beautiful in the eyes of everyone, because the beauty has several signs available in the females that Delighted by its beauty.

The beautiful face of the female is the mirror of beauty, which is most prominent part of body.
Where the wide eyes are considered to be signs of beauty regardless of color. The color is secondary if the drawing of the eye is beautiful and wide although many people prefer black eyes , As well as taking into account several things that increase the beauty of the eyes are the long eyelashes, and the intensity of white conjunctiva, and the darkness of the pupil, and the drawing of the eyebrows fixed and arched.

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Signs of beauty
Signs of beauty

The oval face and the raised cheeks are a sign of beauty, as the face is not too long or too round. Pure skin without blemishes, spots, ulcers and pimples is an example of beauty regardless of color, but most importantly be shiny, fresh and pure. Gums in the cheeks or chin are important signs of beauty.

The ears and nose align and fit with the whole shape of face without any wrap and bulge is the sign of beauty. The length, intensity and gloss of the hair is a sign of beauty, and the most beautiful forms of the nose is the nose known as the Greek nose.

Signs of beauty Kareena
Signs of beauty Kareena

The slimness of the waist and its accuracy are an important sign of beauty, taking into account that the shape of the body is generally consistent. The height of the medium height, so that the female is not noticeably long, or very short, with the need for consistency of height with weight. The length and the fingers of the fingers; the appearance of the fingers is an important sign on the female’s skin and beauty.

The slightly inflated natural lips and narrow mouth are the most important signs of beauty, with teeth arranged and shiny white. The softness of the hands and feet, ie, the fingers of her hands are long, delicate and soft indicating the tenderness and beauty, and that the feet are not large, and have feet and free from the streamline simplification at the bottom. These are considered to be one of the most important signs of female beauty, unlike the delicate lips, as the chunky lips suggest vitality, youth and femininity.

The long neck also expresses the attractiveness of women, their neck must be appropriately long and delicate, as it does not have a double chin or sagging, and the clavicle bones must be prominent. As we know that beauty is very personal and abstract thing any girl or woman with any body type can make herself beautiful and attractive through knowledge of beauty and makeup.

Signs of beauty in the female

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